Facilitate Your Social Bookmarking Website with Reddit Clone

Social bookmarking has gained massive as per its concept is of bookmarking the content for future reference or repeat the reading. It’s a basic concept: users share by bookmarking their intriguing topics that they find on the web. There are plentiful eminent Social Bookmarking Websites flourishing on the Internet like, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc. When users submit their content or information on these Social Bookmarking Software, you hope for getting huge amount of traffic on it. This has lead to increase in the demand of Social Bookmarking Software in the market.

Looking at the constantly increasing demand of Social Bookmarking Script, we at ClonesCloud have developed an efficient Reddit Clone – StoryFeedit, that will work wonders for you.

Let us see how the Social Bookmarking Website works wonders for you:

1. Ready-to-launch Social Bookmarking Software:

Reddit Clone script is a ready-to-use bookmarking platform that you can quickly install and deploy to let you get started with your bookmarking website business. It is very useful if you are an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to get started with your own bookmarking business within no-time.

2. Easy on your Pocket:

Our Reddit Clone script is very cost effective that lets you build your own Social Bookmarking Software. In the basic plan of this Craigslist Clone, you will get all no-frill features such as email-based registration, email and dashboard notification, one year support and updates, responsive design, 100% source code and customization much more.

3. Total Customization Friendly:

Social Bookmarking Script is built in such a way that it allows you complete freedom to add on features that you need to enhance your bookmarking business. This is the best feature that you can take full advantages of for creating your own exclusive Reddit Clone Script to serve your customers with the best in town features that makes you stand out from the normal competition.

4. Free Support & Updates:

This Social Bookmarking Script comes with free support for one year post its deployment. If your Reddit Clone Software requires any sort of support once you have deployed it for your use, we at ClonesCloud are always at your service to help you out for any of your queries you face while using our Social Bookmarking Script.

5. Secured Payment System – Paypal:

With your Reddit Clone platform, you can allow your users to perform online payment transactions effortlessly and securely. This is a total safe and secure mode of payment that builds the trust of your users on your business. It is even very smooth process to use Paypal in this Social Bookmarking Website.

Just drop us a line at sales@clonescloud.com to get the most prominent Reddit Clone Script that will spread a red carpet for you in the market to carry out your social bookmarking business and keep on earning handsomely.


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